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How much soil do I need to top dress my lawn?

How much soil or mulch can I fit in my trailer?

Do you have a quality garden soil?

Do you sell plants?

Do you have lawn fertiliser?

How many bags of cement for half a cubic metre of sand & gravel mix?

How do I know I've got the right quantity for what I paid?

Do you have irrigation?

Can I get stuff delivered?

Do you sell pavers?

Do you accept Amex?



Top Dressing

Generally we suggest applying either screened top dressing mix, topsoil, or riversand to your lawn every 12 - 18 months to keep it looking good. When applied, you should allow the tips of the grass to show through and don't smother. To calculate the quantity required for your area, we suggest using a depth of 10mm (0.01m). Use the cubic metre calculator to calculate your requirements. Don't forget to fertilise your lawn at least 3 times a year to keep it healthy.



Most single axle trailers will hold about 600kg of weight. We sell our products by volume or the cubic metre.

Due to the vast differences in weight  beween light products like pinebark and heavy products like roadbase, the cubic metre quantity will vary for your trailer's capability. As a quick guide, our courtesy trailers will comfortably hold a cubic metre of pinebark, however only half a cubic metre of roadbase material.

 Courtesy Trailers

Premium Garden soil

We have 5 varieties of soil to choose from. Our premium blend is our Super soil - which we blend here on site from the best ingredients we can source on the Sunshine Coast. We don't like to boast too much, but our secret herbs and spices have proven over the last 3 decades to be the best combination for results in our conditions.



We have a fully stocked nursery with lots of potted colour, flower and vegie seedlings, fruit trees and much more. Feel free to ask for either Jo, Mel or Jason to assist with your plant enquiries.




We have quite a broad range of organic and synthetic fertilisers for both plants and turf applications. Just use the SEARCH function at the top of the page to find what you're looking for.


Cement ratio

Generally speaking cement manufacturers recommend using 8 x 20kg bags of GP cement for every half cubic metre of concrete blend (sand & gravel mix). This of course can vary depending on your application purposes i.e. slab vs posts.



Correct Quantities

Often people are surprised about the differences between different suppliers of products. It would seem that some suppliers are not using certified buckets (by Dept of Weights & Measures) when loading bulk material. We ensure that our buckets are certified and are cut to the right shape to ensure that all our loads are accurate. Next time you are loaded, ask to see the officially certified measurement on the side of the loader bucket. You'll note we have a half cubic metre and quarter cubic metre bucket for our loaders.



We mainly stock the  PPI / Neta range of irrigation fittings which range from 13mm to 25mm. Joiners, elbows, clips etc.




Yes we deliver 7 days a week! A small surcharge does apply for Sundays and public holidays on account of the double-time rate for Drivers. We have 3 different size tip trucks and deliver from 7am to 4pm.





Yes we stock the most popular varieties within the Boral and Adbri range. Depending on quantities required, you may be able to collect from our yard or have them delivered directly. Use the SEARCH function to find out what 'pavers' we have in stock.




No but you may use Mastercard or Visa. We don't accept cheques.


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